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~Humanitarian &

Human-Rights Capitalist ~ 

"We make people famous. That's what we do!"

Author, Cliff Harrison

Researcher & Humanitarian

     ~An Innovator in Literature~

Cliff Harrison has been writing stories for more than 55 years, ever since he was about seven years old.  A devout reader and researcher, he is a problem solver. Fact-finding is his strength.  He converts human needs into stories, solving problems with a fictional voice.  He also created companies to profit and fund his many humanitarian projects.

From the committees' meeting rooms, our firm specializes in helping our corporations and small businesses with all their management needs. Because we are well versed in business, we know exactly what it takes to help our key people in all their business endeavors. We're dedicated to ensuring that we take care of all of our staff and our clients, and that their humanitarian needs and goals are met and exceeded.

"I survive poverty so others can live." ~ Cliff Harrison

Cliff Harrison is a humanitarian capitalist who invests in startup humanitarian companies that self-fund and privately finances numerous humanitarian and human rights projects.  As an investor, he makes little or no personal income off the companies.   His  individual income  emanates from book-writing royalties.



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