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I was a dreamer. I dreamed big. I had enormous dreams. Those dreams are starting to come to reality. The seeds have been planted for a new generation. The cultivating is done. The remainder depends upon those that the torch has been passed too. The harvest will be abundant if the crop is nourished and cared for as it was intended to be. New ideas replace the worn out and old. My generation lived through evil as well as prosperity. But I tell you, as hard and trying as the times were of the days of old, I’d take those days over the so-called modern and so-called civilized world. We live in neither a modern world nor a civilized one. Surely, we have new inventions that replaced the old. I come from a generation that knew both the old and the new. The farm implements from a one-blade plow drawn by one horse, where a man walked behind to cultivate his field, was on the same farm where that same man pulled a multi-disc, or multi-blade plow that was drawn by a gas-engine tractor of many horsepowers, that furrowed the same field. And even before the rubber-tired tractor, there was in the corner of the barnyard, with grass growing tall around it, the iron-wheeled tractor it replaced. Near that old tractor was an old car, and I saw them growing up as a boy, the 30s, the 40s and the 50s models. I remember the 60s and 70s, the years of my childhood. Yes, my eyes saw change. The eyes of my siblings and the eyes of our parents and grandparents saw the changes of the old to the new, too. The implements used from nearly the time this nation began from the age of the first European settlers, such tools were used at home and on the farm until they collected dust and rust when new inventions arrived. From woodstoves and ice boxes to electric stoves and refrigerators, to microwaves and even plumbing in the homes to afford modern bathrooms that replaced the outhouses that flies and spider were always present at. My generation and the one before me and the one before that witnessed a revolution that would make life easier, more comfortable and probably a whole lot less healthy, since the old way kept us physically fit, naturally, good old-fashion hard work. But in those days, we had something that is lacking today. Respect. Respect for others. The will to help other people in need, not for profit or fame, but for a burning desire to stoke the passion in your heart. We had true humanitarianism. The compassion and empathy for your fellow human being. Humanitarianism without desire for rewards, especially monetary rewards. Today humanitarianism is a passageway to wealth for those founding the outfits and controlling the executive positions while the volunteers who earn little or nothing do the bulk of the work and the greatest of humanitarianism for the world.

"I live in poverty so others can live." ~Cliff Harrison

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Although I am a mainstream writer covering several genres, many of my stories involve secret societies and covert operations funded by wealthy industrialists that secretly work behind the scenes to fight evil and change the world. Action/Adventure is a primary element in most of my stories. Many of the fiction works are written anonymously using a pseudonym. The first fictional works under my orthonym will be released soon. The Ian Morgan science-fiction series will be among the first orthonym-published works. Great storytelling by a good storyteller is central, regardless of genre. Pseudonym or orthonym, it's the impact of the story on the reader that counts.

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I write for humanitarianism & human rights. Although I am retired after being forced out of work prematurely with disabilities, I have a passion to renew my energies to build the greatest humanitarian empire that ever existed. The time has come to reveal to the world more than a half-century of writing and ideas in a full spectrum of fiction and nonfiction. I have a long way to go, a huge mountain to climb, but even if I don’t make it to the top by the time of my passing, if I can instill others to adopt my philosophies and plant the seeds of the future in their minds my mission will be accomplished. If I can spark a forest fire, ignite a wildfire in the minds of the next generation as the torch passes onto them, the world will be a better place than it is now. Dreaming big is the only way to do that. Small dreams will only give us more of what we already have. My stories and my essays are written from the heart. If only they influence the young minds for change, real change and not artificial change so many crams down our throats, there will be hope for millions of people on this planet that now have none. My passion burns to join hands with those who believe humanitarianism and human rights are birthrights, inalienable rights and no one ought to be the slave of another. Humanitarianism is not something one should be earning excessive amounts of money off, certainly never more than the median income of the average worker. My partners and I will not concern ourselves with what others do in the name of humanitarianism. We will light the paths along the journey to rescuing our fellow human beings from the crisis of their lives and illuminate the way to refuge for them. We hope to set the standards for others to follow.

We have a burning desire to help others in serious need. We are a committed to improving the lives of other people, especially female victims of the world's evils.

We have a deep belief in duty to help humanity. Our philosophical doctrine has always been holding that it is a human being's duty to improve the lives of other people. Unfortunately, the world is full of disrespect, selfishness, greed, hatred, demonizing, vicious violence and the most barbaric carnage, often of one’s own people, family or community. We may not be able to stop or prevent all the evil of the world, but we sure can make our voice so we don’t stand with those who are silent when human beings are suffering victimization at the hands of evil.

"I live in poverty so others can be free." ~ Cliff Harrison

I write in the spirit and in the words of my late cousin Debi, who died at the young age of 25. Though decades have passed since her death, her words continue to motive and inspire me. Written on her tombstone 33 years ago, a picture from her grave with her words are framed on my writing desk where it has remained for decades:

“I write because I have hope for the world that things could be better if each of us listened to those inner voices within us, finding our own existence to bring forth our best in all that we do, we have to listen to those inner voices.” ~Deborah LuAnne  Petteys 1957-1983

~Cliff Harrison

June 2016
Las Vegas, Nevada USA

"Don't be afraid of being outnumbered. Eagles fly alone. Pigeons flock together." --Anonymous

"Be a dreamer and dream big. Practice compassion. Be a good person. Do great things. Shine your light. Listen with your heart. Live in the moment. Have faith in yourself and others." ~Morgan Yamada, motivational and inspirational dreams art

"Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire." ~ Catherine of Siena

~Building books is our business, building humanitarian empires is our passion.~